Introducing Matcha Gift Packs

We are excited to unveil our latest product gift packs that make choosing the right matcha and accessories easy. We have made the packs to suit everyone no matter how familiar you are with matcha. From the starter pack that will give you everything you need to get started to the ultra-premium ceremonial pack for those that want something special. Each pack comes with our Japanese organic matcha sourced from the traditional Kyoto region, the ceremonial pack uses matcha that is actually used in the famous tea ceremony still practised today.

The Matcha Starter Pack -$30

“let’s take it easy”

Want to try matcha green tea but a little unsure about it all? We’ve got you covered with our handy Matchado Starter Pack to ensure your first matcha experience is an awesome one!

For just $25, the starter pack includes:

– 1 x Premium grade Matchado tea powder sachet (20g)
– 1 x Bamboo whisk

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You can also check out our website for more information on how to prepare your matcha tea and learn the ‘way of the tea’

Matcha Premium pack – $59

“the middle child”

The perfect balance of value and price this pack suits the newcomers to matcha that want to get all the accessories that will make their experience unique.

This pack contains premium organic Uji matcha 20g and all the accessories to make the perfect matcha tea.

This pack includes:

– 1 x Bamboo whisk,

– 1 x Bamboo ladel

– 1 x Organic Uji matcha 20g pack

– 1 x Traditional matcha bowl

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Makes an excellent gift to make sure that special someone has everything they need to enjoy the full effects of matcha.

Matcha Ceremonial Pack -$99

“nothing but the best”

This pack is tailor made to ensure that you have the ultimate matcha experience, complete with a unique dark brown whisk and ceremonial grade matcha.

This pack contains:

– 1 x Unique dark brown bamboo whisk

– 1 x Bamboo ladel, 1 x ceremonial grade matcha 30g

– 1 x Traditional matcha bowl

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The perfect gift for the person that has everything, surprise them with the ultimate matcha experience.

Note the matcha bowl is shown is indicative and the design may change, if you would prefer a specific design please let us know and we will do our best to make sure you get that design.