Spring is here and summer is coming! Are you ready to lose some weight and get that perfect body to put on bikini on or show off those six packs? Then matcha is something that you don’t want to get passed!

Matcha has well been known for its health benefits including heart health, weight loss and healthier skin. Many experts consider matcha as one of the super foods in terms of its outstanding nutrition fact. Matcha is an exceptional source of antioxidants and alkaloids. One of the most important active component, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is many times powerful than usual antioxidants. Various vitamins like A, D, E, C, B, B5, H and K are presented in Matcha. It is a rich source of Manganese and has many other beneficial minerals such as Zinc, Chromium and Selenium. Matcha contains zero calories. The caffeine content is insignificant compared to coffee. Matcha also has a much higher nutrients compared to green tea. You have to drink 3 cups of green tea to get the equal amount of nutrients and antioxidant from one cup of matcha.

If you are interested in this health food and want to try it out , we have a 20g small pack organic matcha which yield 10 serves available for you. If you just want to add matcha in your cooking to make a matcha latte, smoothie or desserts, I would recommend a cooking/culinary grade organic matcha. You can find all the delicious organic matcha powder, straight from Uji, Kyoto here. Keep an eye on this space! Matchado will be bringing you more information on the nutrients and health benefits of matcha.

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