How to prepare matcha

Making a matcha bowl

What you will need:

  • A chasen (bamboo whisk)
  • A matcha chawan (matcha tea bowl)
  • A chashaku (tea ladle for measuring)
  • 1- 1 ½ heaped tea ladle worth of Matchado tea powder
  • 60mls (or 1/3of a bowl) boiling water- best if the water is around 80 degrees. Note: to get water to approximately 80 degrees, it is advised to place boiling water in a tea cup and gently transfer to tea bowl when needed

Brewing instructions:

  1. Measure out the Matchado powder using the ladle, placing in the tea bowl
  2. Carefully pour the desired amount of boiling water over the powder
  3. Whisk the mixture in a quick back and forth movement (pretend you’re making an ‘M’ for matcha!). Use the tip of the whisk to break up any lumps
  4. Whisk until smooth and no lumps can be seen- it may need 30 seconds or so
  5. Drink and enjoy!

How to store your matcha

Keep your matcha fresh

Storage of your matcha is very important, as tea is sensitive to temperature, humidity and light. As you will notice when your tea arrives, it is vacuumed sealed and stored in foil bags to preserve it’s flavour and aroma. After opening your tea, ensure you store it in an airtight, room temperature place, out of sunlight, to avoid the tea from beginning to degrade. It is recommended you consume your matcha within 4 weeks of opening. If you intend to keep your matcha for longer, you may store it in a fridge or freezer, provided it is tightly sealed.

You will be able to keep your matcha fresh for 8 weeks if you keep to these guidelines:

  • Keep in an airtight bag
  • Ensure it is stored in a cool environment out of the sun
  • Reduce exposure to moisture, always use dry utensils
  • If possible keep in the refrigerator