Matchado matcha – Straight from the source

Matchado prides itself on bringing home the wonders of matcha straight from the source. Our Matcha growers have gone through a thorough selection process to ensure that they supply only the highest quality matcha tea.

Due to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster many of the premium matcha growers were wiped out or contaminated, for this reason many moved over to neighbouring Taiwan, which hosts a similar climate and an equal love for the green wonder powder.

For the connoisseur, Matchado tea sells premium tea from the Uji Region in Japan and the prized Yame cermonial grade matcha. Matcha doesn’t get any better than that.

About us

About us

Our inspiration for creating Matchado came from a whirlwind holiday to Japan in 2013.  What a place! They had everything from cat cafes, owl cafes, beautiful and mysterious Geisha, sleep capsule hotels and of course, matcha! It was the tasty bright green stuff that started as a novelty for us but soon became a passion.

One of our fondest memories of Japan was attending a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which has been performed in Japan for centuries.

We had the pleasure of being guided through the meticulous but relaxing ritual of chado (‘the way of the tea’). We were so blown away by the simplicity and discipline of the ceremony, which only fuelled our interest in matcha and why it had been such a big hit in Japan for hundreds of years.

Arriving back in Perth with a stash of matcha (which quickly ran out!), we started seeing and feeling the full benefits of matcha but didn’t know how to get more, or what kind of quality we would be getting by ordering online. We believe that in every household there is a place for the matcha we love so much, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy it as much as we do!  That’s why Matchado is here … to provide rigorously tested, high quality matcha for simple, everyday and enjoyable consumption.